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Dynamis CrossFit - CrossFitWarm-upWarm-up (No Measure)400m Jog 10 Air Squats Gym Length: Hurdle Step Overs Zombie Walk (Kick Hand) Duck Walk 10 Air Squats 10 Rds Cat Cow 10 PVC Pass Throughs 10 Around the WorldsWeightliftingA: Squat Clean (20 mins to find heavy single)MetconB: Metcon (Time)Welcome Home Kevin 9 Squat…


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Dynamis CrossFit - CrossFitWarm-upWarm-Up Quick & Dirty (No Measure)200m Run 10x Air Squats 10x Standing Pass Throughs 2x Bear Crawl 10x Scap Push-Ups 5-1 Inch Worms 10x Burpees 10x Scap Pull-Ups 3-5min - MOB's of choiceWeightliftingSplit Jerk (20 mins to find heavy single)MetconMetcon (Time)Run 400m 6 Rounds 10 Wall Balls…