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Dynamis Warm Up #4 (No Measure)

Warm Up #4 – On your own

2 Rounds:

20 Air Squats

Across gym Inch Worms

Across gym Bear Crawl or Hanstand Walk

10 Ring Rows

Time allotted:10 Minutes


2 Minutes of coaches stretching


Snatch (60%/5, 65%/4, 75%/4, (85%/4)x2)

Squat Snatch with a 2 Second hold at the bottom.


Metcon (Time)

For Time

800m run

20/18 cal Assault Bike

10 Pull Ups

400m run

15/13 cal Assault Bike

10 Pull Ups

200m run

10/8 cal Assault Bike

10 Pull Ups
Heats of 5 two minutes apart. First heat will start 35 minutes into class.

RX+ Chest to Bar

18 Minute time cap