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Dynamis CrossFit – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

2 min assault bike

2 min jump rope

10 samson stretch

10 leg swings each way/side

5 inch worms w/push up and down dog

20 steps duck walk

20 steps ostrich walk

20 kip swings

20 pvc pass throughs

Power Snatch

3 Touch and Go Reps every 2 minutes for 7 sets (building until form breaks down, then drop some weight and finish out the 7 sets)

Metcon (Time)


20/15 cal assault bike

100 Alt DB Snatch 45/35#

Rest 2 min

*16 min time cap

Essentially 100 alt db snatch for time, with 2 minute intervals to work, 2 minute intervals to rest. HOWEVER, each 2 minute “work” period starts with a 20/15 cal assault bike, with the remaining time being as many DB snatches as possible

*If completed, score is total time–including rest time (i.e., 13:59

*If time capped, score is 16 minutes plus 1 second for every rep not completed

RX: as is

AD: 15/10 cal assault, 35/25#

SD: 10/8 cal assault, weight