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Dynamis CrossFit – CrossFit


Parking Lot Loop

High Knees

Butt Kicks

High Skip

Gym Length

Samson Stretch

Burpee Broad Jump

30 Push-up on 30″ Box (try and go UB)

Foam Roll Quads – 2min per side

A: Bulgarian Split Squat (4 sets x 6-8 reps per leg)

start w/ weaker leg and have that side dictate wt.

make sure first set you get 8 reps.

go up in wt. each set only dropping down to 6 reps due to wt.

B: Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)

5 Sets

3min AMRAP

10 WallBall Push-Ups*

15 WallBall 20/14# to 10′

20 WallBall Sit-Ups

Rest 1min btw sets

Rx+ = 30/20#

Rx = as is

AD = 14/10# WB, Regular Push-Ups

SD = wt. and PU scaled as needed

Start back at the top (WB PU) with each set