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Dynamis CrossFit - CrossFitWarm-upWarm-up (No Measure)2 min Assault Bike 2 min Row 10 Air Squats 10 Scap Push Ups 10 Push Ups 10 Scap Pull Ups 10 Ring Rows 1 min Passive Bar/Rings HangGymnasticsToes-To-Bar (10min EMOM (8 reps))8 reps each minute Find a number that you will complete all 10…


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Dynamis CrossFit - CrossFitWarm-upQuick Shoulder Warm-up (No Measure)2 min moderate row Crab Walk Bear Crawl 5 Inch Worms 1 min fast row 10 Pass throughs 10 Around the worlds Barbell Trap Smash 2min each sideWeightliftingA. : Overhead Squat (Heavy Single in 15 min)MetconB. : Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)At 0:00…


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Dynamis CrossFit - CrossFitWarm-up (No Measure)Across the gym - 2 lengths of each A skip high knees butt kicker high knee karaoke frankensteins bear crawl back pedal low knee skips *begin actual workout at least by 10 minutes into classMetcon (Time)On a running clock.... 1 mile run for time…