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Dynamis Competition Class – Every Friday @ 5:30pm

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COMPETITION CLASS Friday Night’s at Dynamis CrossFit!

Starting this Friday, June 23, we will be running a weekly Competition Class here at Dynamis The class will be at 5:30 every Friday night moving forward and it will take the place of the Olympic Lifting Class. As always, the class is free to members.

What This Class Is:

This class is geared towards those members who are interested in the “Sport” side of CrossFit and may be looking to compete in local competitions and beyond.

The class will be largely team/partner workouts, with portions of the class focusing on ‘Olympic Lifting for CrossFit’ and ‘Faster/More Efficient Movement Cycling.’

This includes things like lifting heavy in short time domains, barbell cycling for speed AND efficiency, maxing out under fatigue, lifting ladders, breathing work, movement work, and much more.

All-in-all, this will be a great opportunity for those interested to get together on a Friday night in a competitive TEAM atmosphere and have some fun with some different types of CrossFit workouts.

*If you’re unsure if this is the right class for you, contact me privately or come try it out! As always, CrossFit workouts are infinitely scalable, but keep in mind this class is going to be geared toward members who are at least proficient in the majority of CrossFit movements.

COMMENT Below with Questions/Excitement!