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Two Ways To Join


If you are brand new to CrossFit you must go through our Free Physical Assessment and then as many $60hr Personal Training session as your Coach recommends before starting classes. 

This free physical assessment will entail an In-Body health report print-out and review, along with a talk about your health and fitness goals with one of our highly experienced coaching experts.

NOTE: No workout gear will be required for this assessment.



If you are an experienced CrossFitter you must go through our $60 non-refundable CrossFit Competency Test to show your competency in the CrossFit movements. This will be a $60 non-refundable in-person test. If passed no additional Personal Training is required. Contact us to schedule. 

CrossFit Competency Test for Experienced CrossFitters:

Demonstrate a proper Air Squat

Demonstrate a proper Snatch

Demonstrate a proper Clean and Jerk

Demonstrate a proper Pull up or pull up scaling

Demonstrate a proper Box Jump or scaling

Answer the follow questions:

1. What does AMRAP stand for

2. What does ROM stand for

3. What does EMOM stand for

4. Point out a kettlebell

5. Point out a bumper plate


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