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At Dynamis CrossFit, we’re in the business of changing lives through CrossFit here in Carlsbad. So when we hear great member stories like these, we literally box jump for joy! We hope you’ll be our next success story.

  • Jess G

    Dynamis CrossFit is excellent! I have been doing CrossFit for over 2 years, and I wish my home box was like Dynamis. I am lucky enough to spend a few weeks a year working out there. The coaches are great. I learn more in the time spent there than I do at my local box. Their warm ups are workout specific. They work on range of motion and form – every single day. They love what they do and they are good at it. I look forward to it every year. The members are awesome too. Very friendly and encouraging.

  • Jessica

    I cannot say enough great things about the Dynamis team. Coming from a long period of eating and laziness and wanting to find someone to whip my flabby ass back into shape, I started hunting for a boot camp on Groupon. I found this instead, and am so glad I did.

    This is more than a gym, more than a boot camp. In my short time here, I have experienced a warm and welcoming community of supportive and friendly peers. They make the workout fun (there is no shortage of smartass comments and laughing even during the toughest of workouts) and are generous with encouragement and support. And there’s none of the shaming of the fat girl who can only lift the empty bar going on like I’ve encountered in gyms of the past. I truly feel like I’m in a judgment-free zone when I’m here.

    I’m new to CrossFit in general, so can’t comment on how this compares to other boxes. But I can say that it’s a more intense and effective workout than I’ve gotten anywhere else. It’s only been a short time, but I already feel stronger, healthier, and firmer… and am excited to see how these changes continue.

    The trainers I’ve met and worked with have all been awesome. Greg (who runs the 5:30 class that I usually attend) is pure awesomesauce. He watches us all and corrects us if we have bad form issues (which is SO SO SO important to me being as prone to self-injuries as I am LOL) and has the patience of a saint. He babysits the hell out of me since I’m the newbie, shows me special new-girl modifications, and is very patient when he ends up having to show me the same moves over and over again when my anything-but-graceful ass is slow at picking them up.

    So the 6-week Groupon deal I got is coming to an end, and I’m definitely signing on for a regular membership. SOLD!

    For anyone searching for a new workout regimen, I definitely recommend giving this place a try. It may seem a little intimidating at first because it’s just so much different than you may be used to … but push through that and you’ll see for yourself just how awesome it is.

  • Brandy

    When I first moved here, I went on a sort of “box hunters” trek. I tried 3 boxes and decided which one fit my personality the best. Since this is not a review about all 3 I will focus on just Dynamis.

    SPOILER ALERT: this is now my home.

    Dynamis is located in an industrial area of Carlsbad. (Aren’t all boxes located around these areas?) Right now it’s sort of tough to access because of all the construction, but as long as you consult with google maps you should be mostly fine. This is a huge space compared to what I’m used to. There is a lobby with a store, a lounge while waiting for your class, an open gym area for weight training and mobility, a kids’ area, and a locker room, as well as the main box.

    The rig itself is really nice. As you can see from the pictures, they have wall ball targets, various pull up bar heights, ropes and rings attached.

    The reason I chose here though is NOT the facilities. The coaching and community is just my style. The community is SUPER SUPER friendly. Other boxes around the area had that, but definitely not all of them. Everyone here helps you and watches you for safety. I’ll be the bearer of unpopular opinion, but CrossFit is ALL ABOUT SAFETY. If you don’t, you will get hurt.

    The weightlifting coaching here is a few levels beyond the norm. They will have you remove weight if they’re not comfortable with your lift. The explanation of each lift is with such detail. They focus on how everyone learns differently, not just how that specific coach learned.

    Another thing that sets them apart here? Their focus on mobility. Sure they don’t have a mobility class here, but they do have a yoga class here. I think this is so important that everyone forgets. Our muscles must stretch in order to grow. They also have a masseuse in house for all of your trigger point therapy needs. For us athletes who focus so much on our body, we need to take care of it a little more.

    I can’t say enough about this place. Check it out. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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