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What is Rx?

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When you’re new to Crossfit, your head is swimming with new lingo, acronyms and just plain lazy ways of writing movements.  It’s pretty ironic how Crossfitters can be some of the most intense, hardest working people you’ll ever meet, but when it comes to writing out a sentence, we ain’t got time for that!

Don’t stress though.  It doesn’t take long to learn “CF-english” and in no time you’ll be telling all your friends about your hang power snatch PR.

The point of this post isn’t really to talk about explaining CF lingo (you can do that here).  Rather discuss what it means to Rx and how to get there.

To do a workout/WOD as prescribed or “as it’s written” is to do it “Rx.”  This means you’ve completed the prescribed amount of reps, at the prescribed weight and all the movements meet the defined standards (this is THE most important part and the point of this post).

If one of the movements of the WOD is Toes-to-Bar, that means you have done all the required reps and every rep is a legit rep.  It doesn’t mean that some of the reps are legit and some are close.  While as a coach I’m always MUCH more impressed by intensity and YOU doing the best YOU can.  Rather than seeing a “Rx” and knowing that some of those reps were a little suspect.  Don’t get me wrong, Rx’ing your first WOD is a big deal and I’m always happy to see an athlete put that on the PR board.  But that’s exactly my point, Rx’ing a WOD IS a big deal and it takes a lot of effort and hard work to EARN that Rx.  We’re not going to “police” Wodify to make sure those who Rx a WOD truly did so, but hold yourself to the highest level of honesty when it comes to clicking that Rx button and then when you really do Rx a WOD, it’ll feel SO much more accomplishing!

Moral of the story… no-rep yourself every once and awhile 😉